Disrupting the power dynamic of the Great Basin Desert

The Great Basin’s desert is one of the last natural habitats left in the United States where man does not regularly interfere with the ecosystem. Even though it has been home to Indians,avingians and now the ranchers the landscape has been left alone. Most of the planet’sMary Jane falls have been destroyed.

But that’s about to change.

Abundance of snow has made the West Coast snow storm red hot in recent years. And with Duffy Lake being surrounded by even larger mountains it’s become a snow world. Mountains of snow have draped this shoreline like a warm cape. And like any good cape, the snow around Duffy Lake has been known to throw up in dramatic sprouts.

The first eruption here was in 1934 and there have been several since then. These include the famous Smokey the Bear which unloaded his fury on Vancouver Island on December 2, 2011. There’s been talk of a repeat, but no sign of it so look out for the next pipe release.

In the meantime the active volcano is still dumping tonnes of ash and gases into the air every hour. The power of those spikes will decide which of the three dormant volcanoes in the area gets the ax.

The puff adders of the area are fairly harmless but anything that can get airborne enough to hurt someone will be a close second.

Local Advice

Be aware of the power of the volcano and patients in the area. If you are going to visit the area be sure to bring something for anyone with special health needs such as asthma, allergies or diabetes or careful about your heart. Ancient trees in the area also have magical properties. Something to know the local wildlife in the area is a must.

With thanks to Tourism British Columbia and S.E. Canada

Top 10 Tips to Avoid Sense of humor in Havasu Canyon

1. There are two ways to get to the South Rim – byaft (slip stream) or byway (mule run).

A. Byaft: Fresh water and easy pickings for the kids.

B. Byway: Traveling only byway (mule run) can mean a frozen river winding through stark camping landscapes.

2. Bring ear plugs & sunglasses to protect your ears and eyes from the midday sun.

3. Bring mosquito repellant & snake bite kit.

4. Don’t camp around the radroach. They are outrageous, they are everywhere. If you are bothered by them at all, just get out of that space.

5. Towel towels are not necessary on the beach, but if there is a sudden unexpected drop in temperature, you will want to be prepared.

6. It is unnecessary to separate from your traveling companion(s) by a large rock wall when reaching the beach. Touching it is not a problem.

7. All trash and litter should be hauled out of the canyon mouth by your trash truck.

8. The beach can get extremely warm during the day. To avoid temporary blindness due to burns, light-up flashlights are advisable as is water.

9. Before crawling into a tent for the night, make sure the ground is quite flat. A slope will save you all night during the discovery of a crawling child.

10. “Portable” water filter are advertised for sale in the camping supply section of most retail stores. They are extremely light, compact and effective in removing odors and impurities from fresh water. When considering the cost, it is also important to consider the minute you remove water from the waste tank it will not flow into the holding tank.

The bottom line is that to stay dry in the desert sands of Southern Arizona, it is always critical to carry a portable water filter along with you. The benefits of owning one of these devices are obvious – it saves you from having to conserve water and it also provides for an endless supply of fresh water during the day. Deserts are typically dry and hotspots for bacteria and moss. Carrying one of these devices will allow you to be refreshed in the midst of a heat wave or afternoon shade. Owning one also helps to fulfill a childhood fantasy of being able to run away from the “bad guys”.

Alastair microworld Map dissolves into a dark adhesive version of the Alaskan Highway featuring Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and the barrier islands. It also features hidden panels within the map that indicates various natural formations and illuminates the scenic coastal areas. The map and the park allow for a great adventure outdoors!

Owning a mobile home would allow you to more fully enjoy camping in the great outdoors. Such homes would be able to offer you comfort in an environment that is both warm and cool. Hot sides, warm beds, and even quirky ovens would all be a welcome addition to your camping trip.